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Welcome to PODS

Welcome to Pershore's Resident Musical Theatre Company based at Number 8 Community Arts Centre, High Street, Pershore.

PODS was founded in January 1989 and is now in its 33rd year of entertaining local audiences with musicals, pantomimes and variety performances of professional quality to suit all ages and tastes.

New members are always welcome, whether you want to join us on stage as a singer, dancer or actor, or join our skilled and hard working production team and help with costumes, props, set-building, backstage and a host of other jobs!

You can also offer support by becoming a Patron of the Society, sponsoring a show or donating to our show raffles.

Dont miss our Christmas show

Maid Marian and The Merry Men

5th-10th December 2022

The town of Nottingham is plagued by the mean Sheriff, who keeps

squeezing the peasants for more and more tax money. Someone needs

to stop him ! If only the town could find Robin Hood.

Maid Marian decides that she has had enough, and ventures deep into the forest

to look for him and help him overthrow the Sheriff. When she finds Robin things are not quite as his reputation suggests. Robin loves to write songs, bake cakes and compose poems.

It looks like it's time for some girl power!

With Marian leading the Merry Men, can they get rid of the evil Sheriff and

his idiot Nephew and make Nottingham a lovely place to live?

Oh Yes, they can (oh no they can’t) !

Written by Kit Hunter and Directed by our very own first-time directors Hannah Burton and Lindsey Kirby, this hilarious new take on the Robin Hood legend stretches preconceptions further than Marian's longbow, and will leave you dancing through the tears of laughter ! 

Congratulations to our cast who successfully auditioned for the show,

and in September the hard work of rehearsal and production begins !

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